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CHIP Affiliation

Phone Number


Abraham, Charles Affiliate University of Essex
Adams, Elizabeth Graduate Student Kinesiology
Adams, William Graduate Student Kinesiology
Adamsons, Kari Affiliate (860) 486-8971 Human Development & Family Studies
Agocha, V. Bede Affiliate (860) 486-2051 Psychology
Aguero, Jorge Affiliate (860) 486-0263 Economics
Altice, Frederick Affiliate (203) 737-2883 Yale University
Alvarez, Diego Research Staff CHIP
Amaral, Christina Research Staff (860) 486-8977 Psychology
Amico, K. Rivet Principal Investigator (860) 234-6459 CHIP
Anderson, Elizabeth Affiliate (860) 486-0577 School of Nursing
Andreyeva, Tatiana Affiliate (203) 432-8432 Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity, Yale
Armstrong, Lawrence Affiliate (860) 486-2647 Kinesiology
Arnold, Ruth Affiliate (203) 781-4690 CHIP
Ash, Garrett Graduate Student Affiliate (860) 486-8976 Kinesiology
Astur, Robert S. Affiliate (860) 694-2533 Psychology
Atkin, David Affiliate (860) 486-3090 Communication
Bailey, Michael Research Staff CHIP/Atlanta
Baker, William L. Affiliate (860) 679-3889 Pharmacy Practice, UCHC
Baldwin, Robert Research Staff Psychology
Bar, Haim Affiliate (860) 486-5455 Statistics
Barr, Colin Research Staff CHIP
Barry, Danielle Affiliate (860) 679-6664 Calhoun Cardiac Center, UCHC
Barry, Lisa Affiliate (860) 679-6264 Center on Aging, UCHC
Barta, William Affiliate (860) 268-8096 CHIP & School of Nursing
Bauer, Lance Affiliate (860) 679-4154 Psychiatry, UCHC
Bellizzi, Keith M. Affiliate (860) 486-0663 Human Development & Family Studies
Bellur, Saraswathi Affiliate (840) 486-2817 Communication
Bernstein, Mary Affiliate (860) 486-3991 Sociology
Bhat, Anjana Principal Investigator (860) 486-0019 Neag School of Education
Birden, Hudson Affiliate +61 2 6620 7603 University of Sydney
Blank, Thomas Affiliate (860) 486-3819 Human Development & Family Studies
Blanton, Hart Affiliate (860) 486-2760 Psychology
Blum, Linda Graduate Student Psychology
Bogner, Robin Affiliate (860) 428-5947 School of Pharmacy
Boyd, Jennifer Research Staff CHIP/New Haven
Boynton, Marcella Affiliate (860) 679-1583 Community Medicine and Health Care, UCHC
Bradley, Walter Research Staff Psychology/Atlanta
Brault, Marie Graduate Student Affiliate Anthropology
Braun, Tosca Graduate Student Psychology
Braun, Tosca Graduate Student Affiliate Psychology
Bray, Melissa Affiliate (860) 486-0167 Educational Psychology
Breland, Michelle Affiliate (860) 486-3354 School of Pharmacy
Breny, Jean Affiliate (203) 392-6953 Southern Connecticut State University
Britner, Preston Affiliate (860) 486-3765 Human Development & Family Studies
Broadhead, Robert Affiliate (860) 486-4184 Sociology
Brown, Edna Affiliate (860) 486-2781 Human Development & Family Studies
Bruening, Jennifer Affiliate (860) 486-5139 Educational Leadership
Brugues, Antoni Research Staff CHIP
Bruneau, Michael Graduate Student Affiliate Kinesiology
Bryan, Angela Affiliate (505) 277-5676 University of Colorado
Buck, Ross Affiliate (860) 486-4494 Communication
Buckley, Thomas Principal Investigator (860) 486-2132 School of Pharmacy
Bugbee, Mary Research Staff (860) 486-2352 CHIP
Bulled, Nicola Affiliate (857) 234-1639 Anthropology, Tufts University
Bullock, Karen Affiliate (919) 515-0438 Social Work, North Carolina State University
Burgess, George Research Staff Psychology/Atlanta
Burnham, Kaylee Graduate Student Psychology
Burrows, Chris Graduate Student Psychology
Cain, Demetria Graduate Student Affiliate (860) 324-6131 Psychology, University of Illinois
Campbell, Benjamin Affiliate (860) 486-1925 Agricultural and Resource Economics
Capozziello, Matthew Research Staff Biology
Carello, Claudia Affiliate (860) 486-2078 Psychology
Carey, Kate B. Affiliate (401) 863-6558 Brown University
Carey, Michael P. Affiliate (315)-443-2755 Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine, Brown University
Chaudoir, Stephenie Affiliate (508) 793-3620 Psychology, College of the Holy Cross
Chen, Yiyun Graduate Student (313) 704-8054 Psychology
Cheney, Ann M. Affiliate (501) 526-8126 Psychiatry, University of Arkansas
Cheng, Simon Affiliate (860) 486-8814 Sociology
Cherry, Charsey (Chauncey) Research Staff Psychology/Atlanta
Cho, Dalnim Graduate Student Psychology
Christensen, John Principal Investigator (860) 486-5257 Communication
Christie, Sarah Affiliate (860) 486-4875 Private Industry
Chun, Ock Affiliate (860) 486-6275 Nutritional Sciences
Clarke, Megan Graduate Student Affiliate Psychology
Cloutier, Michelle M. Affiliate (860) 545-9442 School of Medicine, UCHC
Cohen, Jeffrey Affiliate (860) 768-4834 University of Hartford
Coleman, Ailton Graduate Student Affiliate (860) 420-7702 Public Health
Colon, Richard Graduate Student Affiliate Anthropology
Coman, Emil Affiliate (860) 679-6213 Ethel Donaghue TRIPP Center, UCHC
Comstock, Brett Graduate Student Kinesiology
Cong, Xiaomei Affiliate (860) 486-2694 School of Nursing
Convey, Mark Affiliate Private Industry
Conway-Washington, Christopher Research Staff Psychology/Atlanta
Copenhaver, Michael Principal Investigator (860) 486-5664 Allied Health Sciences
Cornelius, Talea Graduate Student Affiliate Social Psychology
Cornman, Deborah Principal Investigator & Associate Director (860) 486-4645 CHIP
Cotti, Chad Affiliate (920) 203-4660 Agriculture and Resource Economics
Crawford, Mary Affiliate (860) 486-4937 Psychology
Crivello, Julianna Graduate Student Biology
Cromley, Ellen K. Affiliate (860) 679-5470 UConn School of Medicine
Cruess, Dean Principal Investigator (860) 486-5818 Psychology
Cyr, Rebecca Graduate Student Physical Therapy
Dahal, Rashmi Graduate Student Allied Health
Dasal, Jashar Graduate Student Psychology
de Bruin, Marijn Affiliate +31 20 525 6175 University of Amsterdam
Delaney, Colleen Affiliate (860) 486-4887 School of Nursing
Demetri, Leah Research Staff Pscyhology
Denes, Amanda Affiliate (860) 486-6139 Communication
DeNicolo, Stephanie Research Staff CHIP
Denton, Curtis Graduate Student Geography
Dey, Dipak Affiliate (860) 486-4403 Statistics
Diallo, Ana F. Graduate Student Affiliate (860) 486-5915 School of Nursing
Diamond, Sarah Affiliate Private Industry
Dieckhaus, Kevin Affiliate (860) 679-4745 School of Medicine, UCHC
DiStefano, Lindsay Principal Investigator (860) 486-1118 Kinesiology
Doshi, Monika Affiliate (860) 833-1566 Saath
Dovidio, John Affiliate (203) 432-4533 Yale University
Doyle-Munoz, Colleen Graduate Student Kinesiology
Drazinic, Carolyn Affiliate (860) 679-3316 Psychiatry/Genetics, UCHC
Driffin, Dannielle Research Staff CHIP/Atlanta
Duan, Yinghui Graduate Student Affiliate Community Medicine and Health, UCHC
Duffy, Valerie Affiliate (860) 486-1997 Allied Health Sciences
Dugan, Alicia Affiliate (860) 341-6545 Department of Medicine, Division of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, UCHC
Dulkis, Lexie Graduate Student Kinesiology
Dumont-Mathieu, Thyde Research Staff Psychology
Dupont, William Graduate Student Kinesiology
Dupont, William Graduate Student Kinesiology
Eaton, Lisa Principal Investigator (860) 486-6024 Human Development & Family Studies
Ehret, Megan J. Affiliate (860) 545-7470 Pharmacy Practice
Eigsti, Inge-Marie Affiliate (860) 486-6021 Psychology
Eisenberg, Samantha Graduate Student Psychology
Erickson, Pamela Affiliate (860) 486-1736 Anthropology
Escoto, Carlos Affiliate (860) 465-0263 Eastern Connecticut State University
Faghri, Pouran Affiliate (860) 486-0018 Allied Health Sciences
Farrar, Kirstie Affiliate (860) 486-2632 Communication
Fein, Deborah Principal Investigator (860) 486-3518 Psychology
Fernandez, Maria-Luz Affiliate (860) 486-5547 Nutritional Sciences
Ferrer, Rebecca Affiliate (301) 594-0437 National Institute of Health
Ferris, Ann Affiliate (860) 486-1796 School of Medicine, UCHC
Fetter, Ruth Research Staff (860) 486-2902 CHIP
Fifield, Judith A. Affiliate (860)-679-3815 School of Medicine, UCHC
Finitsis, David Graduate Student Psychology
Finley, Jill Admin Staff (860) 486-8970 CHIP
Finneran, Stephanie Graduate Student Psychology
Fisher, Jeffrey Director (860) 486-4940 CHIP
Fisher, William Affiliate (519) 661-2111, X84665 University of Western Ontario
Flanagan, Shawn Graduate Student Psychology
Ford, Chanee Graduate Student Affiliate (860) 578-6711 Human Development and Family Studies
Fortinsky, Richard Affiliate (860) 679-8069 Center on Aging, UCHC
Fox, Ashley Affiliate (212) 659-9693 Health Evidence and Policy, Icahn Medical Institute at Mount Sinai Hospital
Friedland, Gerald Affiliate (203) 688-4669 Yale University
Frisman, Linda Affiliate (860) 418-6788 School of Social Work; CT Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services
Geffen, Nathan Affiliate +27214221700 Treatment Action Campaign, South Africa
Genova, Marla Research Staff CHIP/New Haven
Gerrard, Meg Affiliate (860) 486-4533 Psychology
Ghosh, Debarchana Affiliate (860) 486-4292 Geography
Gibbons, Rick Principal Investigator (860) 486-5060 Psychology
Gifford, Timothy Research Staff (860) 486-8967 CHIP AITC
Gillard, Kaitlin Graduate Student Psychology
Glenn, David Graduate Student Affiliate (203) 253-2403 Center for Public Health and Health Policy
Glenney, Susan Sullivan Affiliate (860) 486-5692 Physical Therapy Program
Goldsby, TaShauna Affiliate (860) 224-5342 Clinical Research
Gordon, Abby Graduate Student Physical Therapy
Gorin, Amy Principal Investigator (860) 486-5670 Psychology
Goshe, Brett Graduate Student Affiliate (617) 784-6736 Psychology
Gould, Bruce Affiliate (860) 679-4322 Primary Care, UCHC
Grebler, Tamar Research Staff (860) 486-8715 Psychology
Gregorio, David Affiliate (860) 679-5480 Community Medicine, UCHC
Gutierrez, Ian Graduate Student Affiliate (440) 781-5395 Psychology
Haisley, Lauren Graduate Student Psychology
Han, Song Affiliate (860) 486-8771 Computer Science and Engineering
Harel, Ofer Principal Investigator (860) 486-6989 Statistics
Harkness, Sara Affiliate (860) 486-4379 USAID
Harman, Jennifer Affiliate (970) 491-1529 Colorado State University
Harris, Jennifer Affiliate (203) 432-4613 Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity, Yale
Hartman, Douglas Affiliate (517) 432-9603 Michigan State University
Harvey, Idethia Shevon Affiliate (860) 486-1003 Human Development and Family Studies
Hawkins, Donna Admin Staff (860) 486-2438 CHIP
Hesselbrock, Michie Affiliate (860) 570-9146 School of Social Work
Hesselbrock, Victor Affiliate (860) 679-3266 Psychiatry, UCHC
Hicks, Tracy Graduate Student Physical Therapy
Hoag, Jessica Graduate Student Affiliate Community Medicine & Healthcare, UCHC
Hoge, Susan Admin Manager (860) 486-5832 CHIP
Holle, Lisa Affiliate (860) 679-5195 Pharmacy Practice
Hooper, David Graduate Student Kinesiology
Hoyt, Ginger Research Staff (860) 486-4304 Psychology
Huedo-Medina, Tania Affiliate (860) 486-0105 Allied Health Sciences; Joint Appointment, Statistics
Huggins, Rob Graduate Student Kinesiology
Hyde, Jennifer Graduate Student Kinesiology
Johnson, Blair Principal Investigator (860) 486-2511 Psychology
Johnson, Evan C. Graduate Student Affiliate Kinesiology
Joseph, Laura Graduate Student Affiliate Nutritional Sciences
Joseph, Michael Affiliate (860) 486-6453 Kinesiology
Jung, Ji Yeon Graduate Student Psychology
Kalichman, Moira Research Staff (860) 486-8702 Psychology
Kalichman, Seth Principal Investigator (860) 486-4042 Psychology
Kaminer, Yifrah Affiliate (860) 679-4344 Psychiatry, UCHC
Kang, Sangwook Affiliate (860) 486-4763 Statistics
Kaufman, Michelle Affiliate (410) 659-6327 John Hopkins University
Kaur, Maninderjit Graduate Student Affiliate (860) 486-6192 Kinesiology
Kelly, Kristin Affiliate (860) 486-3252 Political Science
Kiene, Susan Affiliate (860) 679-2927 School of Medicine, UCHC
Kostek, Matthew Affiliate (803) 777-1462 Private Industry
Kozal, Michael Affiliate (203) 688-2685 Yale University
Kraemer, William Principal Investigator (860) 486-6892 Kinesiology
Kuo, Lynn Affiliate (860) 486-2951 Statistics
Kupchak, Brian R. Affiliate (860) 486-2649 Kinesiology
Kurz, Brenda Affiliate (860) 570-9153 School of Social Work
LaCoursiere, Sheryl Affiliate (203) 910-0052 Yale University
LaCroix, Jessica M. Graduate Student (208) 596-9032 Psychology
Lagoe, Carolyn Affiliate Communication, Film, and Media Studies, University of New Haven
Lamberti, Lauren Graduate Student Kinesiology
Latortue, Marie Affiliate (678) 923-0497 School of Dentistry, UCHC
Lau, Spencer Graduate Student (860) 335-6242 Physical Therapy
Lazzarini, Zita Affiliate (860) 679-5494 Community Medicine, UCHC
Lemieux, Anthony Affiliate (860) 490-5983 State College of New York
Lenz, Erin Graduate Student Affiliate Psychology
Lin, Carolyn A. Affiliate (860) 486-3984 Communication
Litt, Mark D. Affiliate (860) 679-4680 Behavioral Sciences & Community Health, UCHC
Lora, Karina Affiliate (405) 271-2113, x41182 Department of Allied Health Sciences, University of Oklahoma, Health Sciences Center
Low, Robert Graduate Student Psychology
Lust, Sarah A. Affiliate & Research Staff (860) 486-5819 CHIP/Psychology
Ma, Tao (Jennifer) Graduate Student Comm Sciences
Macauda, Mark Affiliate (803) 777-1100 Office of Public Health Practice, University of South Carolina
MacDonald, Hayley Graduate Student (860) 486-0008 Kinesiology
Mahalak, Justin Graduate Student (860) 486-2540 Psychology
Mahalak, Justin Graduate Student Affiliate Psychology
Maladouangdock, Jess Graduate Student Kinesiology
Manganello, Jennifer Affiliate (518) 402-0304 University at Albany, School of Public Health
Manworren, Renee Affiliate (860) 837-5207 Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
Maresh, Carl Affiliate (860) 486-5322 Kinesiology
Marsh, Kerry Principal Investigator (860) 486-2452 Psychology
Martin, Katie S. Affiliate Public Health, University of St. Joseph
Martinez, Jessica Graduate Student Kinesiology
Martinez, Jessica Graduate Student Affiliate (860) 486-5461 Kinesiology
McConnell, Erin Graduate Student Physical Therapy
McDermott, Danielle Graduate Student Kinesiology
McDonald, Deborah Affiliate (860) 486-3714 School of Nursing
McNerney, Megan Research Staff (860) 486-1558 Psychology
Meagher, Benjamin Graduate Student (860) 486-2540 Psychology
Merly, Cynthia Research Staff (860) 486-4054 Psychology
Mignano, Christina Graduate Student Affiliate Allied Health Sciences
Milan, Stephanie Affiliate (860) 486-5101 Psychology
Miller, Thomas Affiliate (859) 224-8563 University of Kentucky
Mobley, Amy Affiliate (860) 486-5073 Nutritional Sciences
Mogro-Wilson, Cristina Affiliate (860) 570-9176 School of Social Work
Moker, Emily Graduate Student Affiliate Kinesiology
Monselise, Michal Graduate Student Statistics
Moran, Caroline Graduate Student Psychology
Moriarty, Kathleen Admin Staff (860) 486-3454 CHIP
Nailor, Michael Affiliate (860) 972-0575 Pharmacy
Nair, Prajakta Graduate Student PT/Kinesiology
Naples, Nancy Affiliate (860) 486-1131 Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Sociology
Neafsey, Patricia Affiliate School of Nursing
Norton, Wynne E. Affiliate (205) 975-8055 Department of Health Behavior, University of Alabama at Birmingham
O’Connell, Ann Affiliate (614) 247-6886 Ohio State University
O’Neil, James Affiliate (860) 486-4281 Educational Psychology
Ohannessian, Christine Affiliate (860) 837-5326 Children’s Center for Community Research, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
Oncken, Cheryl Affiliate (860) 679-3425 Medicine/OBGYN, UCHC
Orsey, Andrea Affiliate (860) 545-9630 Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, CCMC
Osborn, Chandra Affiliate (615) 936-8468 Vanderbilt University
Pachter, Joel Affiliate (860) 679-3698 Cell Biology, University of Connecticut Health Center
Pagnotta, Kelly Graduate Student Kinesiology
Pare, Valerie Graduate Student Technician Statistics
Park, Crystal Principal Investigator (860) 486-3520 Psychology
Park, Isabel Graduate Student PT/Kinesiology
Parks, Cheryl A. Affiliate (860) 570-9296 School of Social Work
Pearce, Katherine Graduate Student Physical Therapy
Pearlson, Godfrey Affiliate (860) 545-7757 Institute of Living/Hartford Hospital
Pellowski, Jennifer Graduate Student Psychology
Peracchio, Michael Graduate Student Biology
Perez-Escamilla, Rafael Affiliate (860) 486-5073 Yale University
Pescatello, Linda Principal Investigator (860) 486-0008 Kinesiology
Petry, Nancy Affiliate (860) 679-2593 Psychiatry, UCHC
Portnoy, David B. Affiliate (301) 796-9298 US Food and Drug Administration
Center for Tobacco Products
Pryor, J. Luke Graduate Student Affiliate Kinesiology
Puhl, Rebecca Affiliate (203) 432-7354 Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity, Yale
Radda, Kim E. Affiliate (860)-278-2044 X285 Institute of Community Research
Ramirez-Esparza, Nairan Affiliate (860) 486-6365 Psychology
Redway, James Research Staff (860) 486-8967 CHIP/AITC
Rifenbark, Graham Graduate Student Psychology
Riley, Kristen Graduate Student Psychology
Root, Hayley Graduate Student Kinesiology
Rosen, Rivkah Graduate Student Psychology
Rosengard, Cynthia Affiliate (401) 305-0364 Behavioral & Social Science, Brown University School of Public Health
and Medicine
Ross, Jack Affiliate (860) 545-2878 Infectious Diseases, Hartford Hospital
Ross, Stephen Affiliate (860) 486-3533 Economics
Russell, Beth Affiliate (203) 236-9874 Human Development & Family Studies
Sagherian, Michael Research Staff (860) 486-2902 CHIP
Salazar, Juan Affiliate (860) 545-8566 Pediatrics, UCHC
Samos, Markos Affiliate (860) 312-3473 Foxwoods/Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation
Sankaranarayanan, Jayashri Affiliate (860) 545-4468 Pharmacy Practice
Santos, Melissa Affiliate (860) 545-8080 Endocrinology/Pediatric Obesity, CCMC
Scarneo, Samantha Graduate Student Kinesiology
Schensul, Jean Affiliate (860) 278-2044, X227 Institute for Community Research
Schensul, Stephen Affiliate (860) 679-1570 Community Medicine, UCHC
Schierberl Scherr, Anna Graduate Student Affiliate Psychology
Schifano, Elizabeth Affiliate (860) 486-5079 Statistics
Scott-Sheldon, Lori Affiliate Brown University
Seacat, Jason Affiliate (413) 796-2258 Western New England University
Secola, Paul Graduate Student Kinesiology
Shelton, Deborah Affiliate (860) 486-0509 Nursing & School of Medicine, UCHC
Shrestha, Roman Graduate Student (860) 486-3907
Shuper, Paul Affiliate (416) 535-8501, X4097 University of Toronto
Sibilio, Brian Research Staff CHIP/New Haven
Silverman, Adam Affiliate (860) 545-9739 Pediatrics, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
Simon, David Affiliate Economics
Singer, Merrill Principal Investigator (860) 486-5833 Anthropology
Skolnik, Paul Affiliate (860) 679-7692 School of Medicine, UCHC
Smith, Harlan Research Staff CHIP/Atlanta
Snyder, Leslie Principal Investigator (860) 486-4383 Communication
Sobieraj, Diana M. Affiliate (860) 545-2429 Pharmacy Practice, UConn School of Pharmacy
Srinivasan, Narasimhan Affiliate (860) 486-2563 School of Business
Srinivasan, Sudha Graduate Student Kinesiology
Stearns, Stacey Research Staff Psychology
Stein, Michael Affiliate (401) 455-6646 Brown University
Sterczala, Adam Graduate Student Kinesiology
Stone, Melissa Admin Staff (860) 486-4529 CHIP
Suh, Hyungyu Graduate Student (860) 486-8976 Kinesiology
Swede, Helen Affiliate (860) 679-5568 Community Medicine and Health Care, UCHC
Szivak, Tunde Graduate Student Kinesiology
Taaffe, Thomas Affiliate (413) 584-5483 Private Industry
Tarricone, Chris IT Director (860) 486-0997 CHIP
Taylor, Beth Affiliate (860) 768-4831 Preventive Cardiology
Tennen, Howard Affiliate (860) 679-5466 Community Medicine & Health Care, UCHC
Thomas, Gwendolyn Affiliate (860) 882-9292 Yale University
Thompson, Paul Affiliate (860) 545-1793 Preventive Cardiology, UCHC
Tikoo, Minakshi Affiliate (860) 679-5559 Community Medicine & Health Care, UCHC
Torres, Cynthia Graduate Student Kinesiology
Tran, Lyly Research Staff CHIP
Trusiak, Sarah Graduate Student Biology
Tuthill, Emily Graduate Student Nursing
Van Hoof, Thomas Affiliate (860) 486-0575 School of Nursing
VanHeest, Jaci Affiliate (860) 486-5123 Educational Psychology & Kinesiology
Veksler, Alice Affiliate (757) 594-7461 Communication, Christopher Newport University
Volek, Ana Affiliate (860) 486-3077 Kinesiology & Extension
Volek, Jeff Principal Investigator (860) 486-6712 Kinesiology
Volk, Brittanie Graduate Student (860) 486-0390 Kinesiology
Vollmer, Rachel Graduate Student Affiliate Nutritional Sciences
vom Eigen, Keith Affiliate (860) 714-2816 Internal Medicine, UCHC
Wagner, Julie Affiliate (860) 679-4508 Oral Health & Diagnostic Sciences, UCHC
Wanamaker, Christian Research Staff (860) 486-8967 CHIP/AITC
Wang, Jennifer Admin Staff (860) 486-2313 CHIP
Wang, Zhu Affiliate (860) 837-6368 Research, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
Watt, James Affiliate (860) 477-0577 Communication
Weeks, Margaret Affiliate (860) 278-2044, X229 Institute for Community Research
Weinstock, Jeremiah Affiliate (314) 977-2137 Saint Louis University
Welles, Brandi Research Staff (860) 486-0278 Psychology
Werkmeister Rozas, Lisa Affiliate (860) 570-9175 School of Social Work
White, Ann Admin Staff (860) 486-9633 CHIP
White, C. Michael Affiliate (860) 341-6513 Pharmacy Practice
White, Denise Research Staff Psychology/Atlanta
Whittemore, Robin Affiliate (203) 737-2351 Yale University
Williams, Beverly Research Staff Psychology/Atlanta
Willis, Lesley Graduate Student Kinesiology
Winokur, Andrew Affiliate (860) 679-6771 Psychiatry
Wong, Alison Graduate Student Affiliate Human Development and Family Studies
Wu, Yin Graduate Student Kinesiology
Xiao,Liping Graduate Student Affiliate (860) 679-3240 Psychiatry, UCHC
Yan, Jun Affiliate (860) 486-3416 Statistics
Zempsky, William Affiliate (860) 837-5220 Pediatrics, CCMC
Zohren, Larissa Research Staff Psychology