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CHIP Affiliation

Phone Number


Abraham, Charles Affiliate +44 (0) 1392 725925 Psychology, University of Essex Medical School
Adams, Elizabeth Graduate Student Kinesiology
Adams, William Graduate Student Kinesiology
Adamsons, Kari Affiliate (860) 486-8971 Human Development & Family Studies
Agocha, V. Bede Affiliate (860) 486-2051 Psychology
Aguero, Jorge Affiliate (860) 486-0263 Economics
Ahmed, Tanjila Graduate Student Allied Health
Altice, Frederick Affiliate (203) 737-2883 Yale University
Amico, K. Rivet Affiliate (734) 763-0051 Health Behavior and Health Education, University of Michigan
Andersen, Catherine J. Affiliate 203-254-4000 x2266 Fairfield University Biology department
Anderson, Elizabeth Affiliate (860) 486-0577 School of Nursing
Andreyeva, Tatiana Principal Investigator (860) 380-1014 Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity
Armstrong, Lawrence Affiliate (860) 486-2647 Kinesiology
Arnold, Ruth Affiliate (203) 781-4690 CHIP
Ash, Garrett Graduate Student Affiliate (860) 486-8976 Kinesiology
Assudani, Soniya Graduate Student Affiliate Psychology
Astur, Robert S. Affiliate (860) 694-2533 Psychology
Atkin, David Affiliate (860) 486-3090 Communication
Bailey, Michael Research Staff CHIP/Atlanta
Baker, William L. Affiliate (860) 679-3889 Pharmacy Practice, UConn Health
Baldwin, Robert Research Staff Psychology
Ballard, Kevin Affiliate (860) 972-9257 Preventive Cardiology
Bar, Haim Affiliate (860) 486-5455 Statistics
Barcelona, Veronica Graduate Affiliate Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Department of Epidemiology
Barry, Danielle Affiliate (860) 679-6664 Calhoun Cardiac Center, UConn Health
Barry, Lisa Affiliate (860) 679-6264 Center on Aging, UConn Health
Barta, William Affiliate (860) 268-8096 CHIP & School of Nursing
Bauer, Lance Affiliate (860) 679-4154 Psychiatry, UConn Health
Baumbauer, Kyle Affiliate 860-486-0913 School of Nursing
Bellizzi, Keith M. Affiliate (860) 486-0663 Human Development & Family Studies
Bellur, Saraswathi Affiliate (840) 486-2817 Communication
Beltz, Eleanor Graduate Student Kinesiology
Bermudez-Millan, Angela Affiliate (860) 679-8137 Behavioral Sciences and Community Health, School of Dental Medicine, UConn Health
Bernstein, Mary Affiliate (860) 486-3991 Sociology
Berthold, S. Megan Affiliate (860) 570-9260 School of Social Work
Beth Krane Admin Staff (860) 486-5917 CHIP
Bhat, Anjana Affiliate (302) 831-7612 University of Delaware
Birden, Hudson Affiliate +61 2 6620 7603 University of Sydney
Blanchard, Adam Graduate Student Kinesiology
Blank, Thomas Affiliate (860) 486-3819 Human Development & Family Studies
Blanton, Hart Affiliate (860) 486-2760 Psychology
Bogner, Robin Affiliate (860) 428-5947 School of Pharmacy
Boyd, Jennifer Research Staff CHIP/New Haven
Boynton, Marcella Affiliate (860) 679-1583 Community Medicine and Health Care, UConn Health
Bradbury, Kathryn Graduate Student Psychology
Brault, Marie Graduate Student Affiliate Anthropology
Braun, Tosca Graduate Student Affiliate Psychology
Braun, Tosca Graduate Student Psychology
Bray, Melissa Affiliate (860) 486-0167 Educational Psychology
Breland, Michelle Affiliate (860) 486-3354 School of Pharmacy
Brenick, Alaina Affiliate 860-570-9084 Human Development & Family Studies
Breny, Jean Affiliate (203) 392-6953 Southern Connecticut State University
Brewer, Molly Affiliate (860) 679-1731 Obstetrics and Gynecology, UConn Health
Britner, Preston Affiliate (860) 486-3765 Human Development & Family Studies
Broadhead, Robert Affiliate (860) 486-4184 Sociology
Brown, Edna Affiliate (860) 486-2781 Human Development & Family Studies
Bruening, Jennifer Affiliate (860) 486-5139 Educational Leadership
Bryan, Angela Affiliate (303) 492-8264 Psychology and Neuroscience, University of Colorado
Buck, Ross Affiliate (860) 486-4494 Communication
Buckley, Thomas Principal Investigator (860) 486-2132 School of Pharmacy
Buden, Jenn Graduate Student Affiliate Allied Health Sciences
Bugbee, Mary Research Staff (860) 486-2352 CHIP
Bulled, Nicola Affiliate (857) 234-1639 Medicine, University of Virginia
Bullock, Karen Affiliate (919) 515-0438 Social Work, North Carolina State University
Burgess, Diane Principal Investigator (860) 486-3760 Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmacy
Burgess, George Research Staff Psychology/Atlanta
Burke, Jeffrey D. Affiliate 860-486-2512 Psychology
Burnham, Kaylee Graduate Student Psychology
Campbell, Benjamin Affiliate (860) 486-1925 Agricultural and Resource Economics
Caracuzzi, Eric Graduate Student Physical Therapy
Carello, Claudia Affiliate (860) 486-2078 Psychology
Carey, Kate B. Affiliate (401) 863-6558 Brown University
Carey, Michael P. Affiliate (315)-443-2755 Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine, Brown University
Cervantes, Jorge Affiliate (860) 679-4520 Pediatrics, UConn Health
Chaudoir, Stephenie Affiliate (508) 793-3620 Psychology, College of the Holy Cross
Chen, Yiyun Graduate Student (313) 704-8054 Psychology
Cheney, Ann M. Affiliate (501) 526-8126 Psychiatry, University of Arkansas
Cheng, Simon Affiliate (860) 486-8814 Sociology
Cherian, Shawn Graduate Student Allied Health
Cherry, Charsey (Chauncey) Research Staff Psychology/Atlanta
Cherry, Sabrina Research Staff Psychology / Atlanta
Chhabra, Arvind Affiliate (860) 679-1447 School of Medicine, UConn Health
Cho, Dalnim Graduate Student Psychology
Chon, Ki H. Affiliate 860-486-4767 Biomedical Engineering
Christensen, John Principal Investigator (860) 486-5257 Communication
Christie, Sarah Affiliate (860) 486-4875 Private Industry
Chun, Ock Affiliate (860) 486-6275 Nutritional Sciences
Cislo, Andrew Affiliate (860) 679-5537 School of Medicine, UConn Health
Clarke, Megan Graduate Student Affiliate Psychology
Cloutier, Michelle M. Affiliate (860) 837-5346 School of Medicine, UConn Health
Coelho, Carl Affiliate (860) 486-4482 Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences
Cohen, Jeffrey Affiliate (860) 768-4834 University of Hartford
Coleman, Ailton Graduate Student Affiliate (860) 420-7702 Public Health
Coleman, Craig L. Affiliate 860-972-2096 Pharmacy Practice
Colon, Richard Graduate Student Affiliate Anthropology
Coman, Emil Affiliate (860) 679-6213 Ethel Donaghue TRIPP Center, UConn Health
Cong, Xiaomei Affiliate (860) 486-2694 School of Nursing
Conover, Joanne Affiliate (860) 486-8338 Physiology and Neurobiology
Convey, Mark Affiliate Private Industry
Conway-Washington, Christopher Research Staff Psychology/Atlanta
Copenhaver, Michael Principal Investigator (860) 486-2846 Allied Health Sciences
Cornelius, Talea Graduate Student Affiliate Social Psychology
Cornman, Deborah Principal Investigator & Associate Director (860) 486-4645 CHIP
Cotti, Chad Affiliate (920) 203-4660 Agriculture and Resource Economics
Craemer, Thomas Affiliate (646) 549-2082 Department of Public Policy
Crawford, Mary Affiliate (860) 486-4937 Psychology
Cromley, Ellen K. Affiliate (860) 679-5470 UConn School of Medicine
Cruess, Dean Affiliate (860) 486-5818 Psychology
Cyr, Rebecca Graduate Student Physical Therapy
Dahal, Rashmi Graduate Student Allied Health
Day, Robert Affiliate (860) 486-5293 OPIM / Business
de Bruin, Marijn Affiliate +31 20 525 6175 University of Amsterdam
Delaney, Colleen Affiliate (860) 486-4887 School of Nursing
Denes, Amanda Affiliate (860) 486-6139 Communication
DeNicolo, Stephanie Research Staff CHIP
DePetris, Andrea Graduate Affiliate Clinical Psychology
DeSalvo, Julie Admin Staff (860) 486-2438 CHIP
Dey, Dipak Affiliate (860) 486-4403 Statistics
Diallo, Ana F. Graduate Student Affiliate (860) 486-5915 School of Nursing
Diamond, Sarah Affiliate Private Industry
Dieckhaus, Kevin Affiliate (860) 679-4745 School of Medicine, UConn Health
DiStefano, Lindsay Principal Investigator (860) 486-1118 Kinesiology
Doshi, Monika Affiliate (860) 833-1566 Saath
Doshi, Riddhi Graduate Affiliate Community Medicine
Dovidio, John Affiliate (203) 432-4533 Yale University
Drazinic, Carolyn Affiliate (860) 679-3316 Psychiatry/Genetics, UConn Health
Driffin, Dannielle Research Staff CHIP/Atlanta
Duan, Yinghui Graduate Student Affiliate Community Medicine and Health, UConn Health
Duffy, Valerie Principal Investigator (860) 486-1997 Allied Health Sciences
Dugan, Alicia Affiliate (860) 341-6545 Department of Medicine, Division of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, UConn Health
Dunn, Richard Affiliate 860-486-0111 Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Eason, Christianne Graduate Student Affiliate Kinesiology
Eaton, Lisa Principal Investigator (860) 486-6024 Human Development & Family Studies
Ehret, Megan J. Affiliate (860) 545-7470 Pharmacy Practice
Eigsti, Inge-Marie Affiliate (860) 486-6021 Psychology
Erickson, Pamela Affiliate (860) 486-1736 Anthropology
Escoto, Carlos Affiliate (860) 465-0263 Psychology, Eastern Connecticut State University
Eyler, Rachel Affiliate 860-486-4697 Pharmacy Practice
Faghri, Pouran Affiliate (860) 486-0018 Allied Health Sciences
Farrar, Kirstie Affiliate (860) 486-2632 Communication
Fein, Deborah Principal Investigator (860) 486-3518 Psychology
Fendrich, Michael Affiliate (414) 202-5496 School of Social Work
Fenton, Chelsea Graduate Student Physical Therapy
Fernandez, Maria-Luz Affiliate (860) 486-5547 Nutritional Sciences
Ferrer, Rebecca Affiliate (301) 594-0437 National Institute of Health
Ferris, Ann Affiliate (860) 679-8196 Medicine, UConn Health
Fiala, Nathan Affiliate (860) 486-1924 Agriculture and Resource Economics
Fifield, Judith A. Affiliate (860)-679-3815 School of Medicine, UConn Health
Finitsis, David Graduate Student Affiliate Psychology
Finneran, Stephanie Graduate Student Psychology
Fisher, Jeffrey Director (860) 486-4940 CHIP
Fisher, William Affiliate (519) 661-2111, X84665 University of Western Ontario
Foote, Ken Affiliate (860) 486-3656 Geography
Ford, Chanee Graduate Student Affiliate (860) 578-6711 Human Development and Family Studies
Fortinsky, Richard Affiliate (860) 679-8069 Center on Aging, School of Medicine, UConn Health
Foster, Jamie Graduate Student Affiliate Nutritional Sciences
Fox, Ashley Affiliate (212) 659-9693 Health Evidence and Policy, Icahn Medical Institute at Mount Sinai Hospital
Friedland, Gerald Affiliate (203) 688-6959 AIDS Program, School of Medicine, Yale University
Friedman, Roberta Affiliate (860) 380-1013 Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity
Frisman, Linda Affiliate (860) 418-6788 School of Social Work; CT Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services
Gan, Guojun Affiliate (860) 486-3919 Mathematics
Gans, Kim Principal Investigator (860) 486-1228 Human Development and Family Studies
Garcia, Marissa Graduate Student Affiliate Allied Health
Garran, Ann Marie Affiliate 860-570-9322 School of Social Work
Geffen, Nathan Affiliate +27214221700 Treatment Action Campaign, South Africa
Genova, Marla Research Staff CHIP/New Haven
Gerrard, Meg Principal Investigator (860) 486-4533 Psychology
Gettens, Katelyn Graduate Student Psychology
Ghosh, Debarchana Principal Investigator (860) 486-4292 Geography
Gibbons, Rick Principal Investigator (860) 486-5060 Psychology
Gifford, Timothy Affiliate (860) 486-8967 CHIP AITC
Glenn, David Graduate Student Affiliate (203) 253-2403 Center for Public Health and Health Policy
Glenney, Susan Sullivan Affiliate (860) 486-5692 Physical Therapy Program
Glennon, Sarah-Grace Graduate Student Allied Health
Goldsby, TaShauna Affiliate (205) 934-5685 Division of Preventive Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Gorin, Amy Principal Investigator (860) 486-5670 Psychology
Goshe, Brett Graduate Student Affiliate (617) 784-6736 Psychology
Gould, Bruce Affiliate (860) 679-4322 Primary Care, UConn Health
Grace-Farfaglia, Patricia Affiliate (203) 270-0097 Nutritional Sciences
Grebler, Tamar Research Staff (860) 486-8715 Psychology
Gregorio, David Affiliate (860) 679-5480 Community Medicine, UConn Health
Guite, Jessica Affiliate (860) 837-5227 Division of Pain & Palliative Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine, UConn Health
Gutierrez, Ian Graduate Student Affiliate (440) 781-5395 Psychology
Habib, Nusrat Graduate Affiliate Allied Health
Hale, Amy Graduate Student Affiliate Psychology
Halgunseth, Linda Affiliate 203-236-9826 Human Development / Family Studies
Han, Song Affiliate (860) 486-8771 Computer Science and Engineering
Hannon, Ludwika Research Staff
Hardin, Joshua IT Support Consultant (860) 486-0997 CHIP
Harel, Ofer Principal Investigator (860) 486-6989 Statistics
Harkness, Sara Affiliate (860) 486-4379 USAID
Harman, Jennifer Affiliate (970) 491-1529 Colorado State University
Harris, Jennifer Principal Investigator (860) 380-1016 Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity
Hartman, Douglas Affiliate (517) 432-9603 Michigan State University
Harvey, Idethia Shevon Affiliate (979) 862-2954 Health & Kinesiology, Texas A&M University
Hayes, Emily Graduate Student Physical Therapy
Hernandez, Dominica Graduate Student Psychology
Hesselbrock, Michie Affiliate (860) 570-9146 School of Social Work
Hesselbrock, Victor Affiliate (860) 679-3266 Psychiatry, UConn Health
Hicks, Tracy Graduate Student Physical Therapy
Hoag, Jessica Graduate Student Affiliate Community Medicine & Healthcare, UConn Health
Hodgson, Sarah Research Staff Psychology
Hoge, Susan Admin Manager (860) 486-5832 CHIP
Holle, Lisa Affiliate (860) 679-5195 Pharmacy Practice
Hollenbach, Jessica P. Affiliate 860-837-5333 CT Children’s Medical Center
Holmes, C. Leah Graduate Student Affiliate Social Work
Hoshino, Kazunori Affiliate 860-486-4294 Biomedical Engineering
Hoyt, Ginger Research Staff (860) 486-4304 Psychology
Huedo-Medina, Tania Affiliate (860) 486-0105 Allied Health Sciences; Joint Appointment, Statistics
Hutt, Nathaniel Graduate Student Physical Therapy
Hyde, Jennifer Graduate Student Kinesiology
Jain, Faquir Affiliate 860-486-3752 ECE/SOE
Johnson, Blair Principal Investigator (860) 486-2511 Psychology
Johnson, Evan C. Affiliate (479) 575-3866 Health, Human Performance, & Recreation, University of Arkansas
Jorgensen, Randall S. Affiliate (315) 443-2753 Psychology, Syracuse University
Joseph, Laura Graduate Student Affiliate Nutritional Sciences
Joseph, Michael Affiliate (860) 486-6453 Kinesiology
Jung, Ji Yeon Graduate Student Psychology
Kalichman, Moira Research Staff (860) 486-8702 Psychology
Kalichman, Seth Principal Investigator (860) 486-4042 Psychology
Kalnova, Svetlana Assistant Research Professor Rudd Center
Kaminer, Yifrah Affiliate (860) 679-4344 Psychiatry, UConn Health
Kang, Sangwook Affiliate (860) 486-4763 Statistics
Kastellorizios, Michail Graduate Affiliate 860-486-5527 Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kaufman, Michelle Affiliate (410) 659-6327 Health, Behavior & Society, John Hopkins University
Kaur, Maninderjit Graduate Student Affiliate (860) 486-6192 Kinesiology
Kelly, Kristin Affiliate (860) 486-3252 Political Science
Kiene, Susan Affiliate (860) 679-2927 School of Medicine, UConn Health
Kostek, Matthew Affiliate (803) 777-1462 Private Industry
Kozal, Michael Affiliate (203) 688-2685 Yale University
Kraemer, William Affiliate (614) 688-2354 Kinesiology
Krishnan, Archana Affiliate (203) 688-7115 Yale University Department of Internal Medicine, Section of Infectious Diseases, AIDS Program
Kuo, Lynn Affiliate (860) 486-2951 Statistics
Kupchak, Brian R. Affiliate (860) 486-2649 Kinesiology
Kurz, Brenda Affiliate (860) 570-9153 School of Social Work
Lachlan, Kenneth Affiliate (617) 549-4506 Communication
LaCoursiere, Sheryl Affiliate (203) 910-0052 Yale University
LaCroix, Jessica M. Graduate Student (208) 596-9032 Psychology
Laferrier, Justin Affiliate (860) 486-0017 Kinesiology
Lagoe, Carolyn Affiliate Communication, Film, and Media Studies, University of New Haven
Lamberti, Lauren Graduate Student Kinesiology
Lamberti, Mary Affiliate (860) 439-2275 Student Health Services, Connecticut College
Lapierre, Matthew Affiliate (267) 294-1255 Communication Studies, University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Latortue, Marie Affiliate (678) 923-0497 T&M Health Science Center Public Health Sciences, Baylor College of Dentistry
Lazzarini, Zita Affiliate (860) 679-5494 Community Medicine, UConn Health
Leahey, Tricia M. Principal Investigator Allied Health Sciences
Lee, Elaine Choung-Hee Affiliate (860) 486-3169 Kinesiology
Lee, Harold Graduate Student Affiliate Cardiology/Behavioral Health
Lee, Sharon Graduate Student Psychology
Lee, Yen-I Graduate Student Affiliate Communication
Legore, Shani Graduate Student Affiliate Rudd Center
Lemieux, Anthony Affiliate (860) 490-5983 State College of New York
Lenz, Erin Graduate Student Affiliate Psychology
Lerman, Shir Graduate Student Affiliate (860) 486-0092 Anthropology
Li, Jianghong Affiliate (860) 278-2044 ext. 297 Institute for Community Research
Lin, Carolyn A. Affiliate (860) 486-3984 Communication
Litt, Mark D. Affiliate (860) 679-4680 Division of Behavioral Sciences and Community Health, UConn Health
Lora, Karina Affiliate (405) 271-2113, x41182 Department of Allied Health Sciences, University of Oklahoma, Health Sciences Center
Low, Robert Graduate Student Psychology
Lu, Xiuling Affiliate (860) 486-0517 Pharmaceutical Sciences
Lurie, Nicholas Affiliate (860) 486-9349 Marketing, School of Business
Lust, Sarah A. Affiliate (401) 863-6670 Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies, Brown University
Lynne Hendrickson Admin Staff (860) 486-8970 CHIP
Ma, Tao (Jennifer) Graduate Student Comm Sciences
Macauda, Mark Affiliate (803) 777-1100 Office of Public Health Practice, University of South Carolina
MacDonald, Hayley Graduate Student Affiliate Kinesiology
Mahalak, Justin Graduate Student (860) 486-2540 Psychology
Mahalak, Justin Graduate Student Affiliate Psychology
Maksut, Jessica Graduate Student Human Development / Family Studies
Manganello, Jennifer Affiliate (518) 402-0304 University at Albany, School of Public Health
Manworren, Renee Affiliate (860) 837-5207 Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
Maresh, Carl Affiliate (614) 688-1444 Human Sciences, Ohio State University
Marsh, Kerry Affiliate (860) 486-2452 Psychology
Martin, Katie S. Affiliate (860) 231-5235 Nutrition and Public Health, University of Saint Joseph
Martinez, Jessica Graduate Student Affiliate (860) 486-5461 Kinesiology
Martinez, Paige Graduate Student Psychology
Mazerolle, Stephanie M. Affiliate (860) 486-4536 Kinesiology
McConnell, Erin Graduate Student Physical Therapy
McDonald, Deborah Affiliate (860) 486-3714 School of Nursing
McKinney, Marcus Affiliate (860) 714-4183 Administration, Saint Francis CARE
McManus, Joseph Affiliate (978) 975-2155 Independent Healthcare Professional
McMenemy, Donald Graduate Student Affiliate Electrical Engineering
McNerney, Megan Research Staff Psychology
Medina, Catherine Affiliate (860) 570-9173 School of Social Work
Meng, Qian Graduate Student
Merceron, Alexandra Graduate Student Affiliate Communication
Merly, Cynthia Research Staff (860) 486-4054 Psychology
Mignano, Christina Graduate Student Affiliate Allied Health Sciences
Milan, Stephanie Affiliate (860) 486-5101 Psychology
Miller, Thomas Affiliate (859) 224-8563 University of Kentucky
Mobley, Amy Affiliate (860) 486-5073 Nutritional Sciences
Mogro-Wilson, Cristina Affiliate (860) 570-9176 School of Social Work
Moriarty, Kathleen Admin Staff (860) 486-3454 CHIP
Muoz, Colleen Affiliate (860) 486-5322 Kinesiology
Muscat, Courtney Graduate Student Physical Therapy / Kinesiology
Nailor, Michael Affiliate (860) 972-0575 Pharmacy
Nair, Suresh Affiliate (860) 486-1727 School of Business
Naples, Nancy Affiliate (860) 486-1131 Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Sociology
Neafsey, Patricia Affiliate School of Nursing; ActualMeds
Newlin Lew, Kelley Affiliate (860) 486-5537 School of Nursing
Ng, Janet Affiliate (860) 545-7487 Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center, Institute of Living
Norton, Wynne E. Affiliate (205) 975-8055 Department of Health Behavior, University of Alabama at Birmingham
O’Connell, Ann Affiliate (614) 247-6886 Ohio State University
O’Connell, Meghan Principal Investigator Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity
O’Neil, James Affiliate (860) 486-4281 Educational Psychology
O’Neill, Rachel Principal Investigator 860-486-6031 Molecular and Cell Biology and
Institute for Systems Genomics
Oeldorf-Hirsch, Anne Affiliate (860) 486-3968 Communication
Ohannessian, Christine Affiliate (860) 837-5326 Children’s Center for Community Research, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
Oncken, Cheryl Affiliate (860) 679-3425 Medicine/OBGYN, UConn Health
Orsey, Andrea Affiliate (860) 545-9630 Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, CCMC
Orsey, Scott Affiliate (860) 837-6556 Office for Community Child Health
Ct Children’s Medical Center
Osborn, Chandra Affiliate (615) 936-8468 Vanderbilt University
Pachter, Joel Affiliate (860) 679-3698 Cell Biology, University of Connecticut Health Center
Palmisano, Alexandra Graduate Affiliate Psychology
Pancras, Joseph Affiliate (860) 486-0810 Marketing
Park, Crystal Principal Investigator (860) 486-3520 Psychology
Parks, Cheryl A. Affiliate (860) 570-9296 School of Social Work
Patterson, Yvonne Graduate Student Affiliate Social Work
Pearce, Katherine Graduate Student Physical Therapy
Pearlson, Godfrey Affiliate (860) 545-7757 Institute of Living/Hartford Hospital
Pella, Jeffrey E. Affiliate 860-523-6476 UCHC Department of Psychiatry
Pellowski, Jennifer Graduate Student Psychology
Perez, Giselle Graduate Student Affiliate Psychology
Perez-Escamilla, Rafael Affiliate Epidemiology & Public Health, Yale University
Pescatello, Linda Principal Investigator (860) 486-0008 Kinesiology
Petry, Nancy Affiliate (860) 679-2593 Psychiatry, UConn Health
Pishori, Alefiyah Graduate Student Affiliate Psychology
Popp, Jill Affiliate (203) 494-2412 Pediatrics, School of Medicine, UConn Health, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
Portnoy, David B. Affiliate (301) 796-9298 US Food and Drug Administration
Center for Tobacco Products
Price, Devon Graduate Student Affiliate Psychology
Pruitt, Sheri Affiliate (916) 746-3602 The Permanente Medical Group
Pryor, J. Luke Graduate Student Affiliate Kinesiology
Pryor, Riana Graduate Student Kinesiology
Puhl, Rebecca Principal Investigator (860) 380-1209 Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity
Radda, Kim E. Affiliate (860)-278-2044 X285 Institute of Community Research
Rainear, Adam Graduate Student Affiliate Communication
Ramirez-Esparza, Nairan Affiliate (860) 486-6365 Psychology
Ranjeet, Niva CHIP Admin CHIP
Rash, Carla Affiliate (860) 679-4689 School of Medicine, UConn Health
Rawal, Shristi Graduate Student Affiliate (860) 486-0034 Allied Health
Reed, Sarah A. Affiliate 860-486-8452 Animal Science
Reid, Allecia Affiliate (207) 859-5572 Psychology, Colby College
Richards, David Affiliate (860) 486-1025 Political Science
Riley, Kristen Graduate Student Affiliate Psychology
Rogers, Rachel Graduate Student Affiliate Nutritional Sciences
Romano, Kelly Research Staff CHIP
Root, Hayley Graduate Student Kinesiology
Root, Melissa Affiliate 860-679-1500 University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) at UConn Health, and Neag School of Education
Rosengard, Cynthia Affiliate (401) 305-0364 Behavioral & Social Science, Brown University School of Public Health
and Medicine
Ross, Jack Affiliate (860) 545-2878 Infectious Diseases, Hartford Hospital
Ross, Stephen Affiliate (860) 486-3533 Economics
Rusch, Lisa Graduate Student Affiliate Kinesiology
Russell, Beth Affiliate (203) 236-9874 Human Development & Family Studies
Salazar, Juan Affiliate (860) 545-8566 Pediatrics, UConn Health
Salvo, Marissa Affiliate 203-237-2229 x6443 Pharmacy Practice
Samos, Markos Affiliate (860) 312-3473 Foxwoods/Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation
Sankaranarayanan, Jayashri Affiliate (860) 545-4468 Pharmacy Practice
Santos, Melissa Affiliate (860) 545-8080 Endocrinology/Pediatric Obesity, CCMC
Savelli, Melanie Graduate Student Affiliate Communication
Scarneo, Samantha Graduate Student Kinesiology
Schensul, Jean Affiliate (860) 278-2044, X227 Institute for Community Research
Schensul, Stephen Affiliate (860) 679-1570 Community Medicine, UConn Health
Scherr, Anna S. Graduate Student Affiliate Psychology
Schlesselman, Lauren Affiliate 860-486-6026 Pharmacy Practice
Schwartz, Marlene Principal Investigator (860) 380-1211 Rudd Center for Obesity & Food Policy
Scott-Sheldon, Lori Affiliate (401) 793-8714 Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Alpert Medical School, Brown University
Seacat, Jason Affiliate (413) 796-2258 Western New England University
Shankar, Nilani Graduate Student Psychology
Sharafi, Mastaneh Graduate Student Affiliate (860) 486-0034 Nutritional Sciences
Shellman, Juliette Affiliate 860-212-4044 Nursing
Shelton, Deborah Affiliate (860) 486-0509 School of Nursing
Shook, Julia Graduate Student Affiliate Allied Health Sciences
Shrestha, Roman Graduate Student Affiliate (203) 781-4690 Community Medicine & Health Care
Shuper, Paul Affiliate (416) 535-8501, X4097 University of Toronto
Sibilio, Brian Research Staff CHIP/New Haven
Siembida, Elizabeth Graduate Student Psychology
Silverman, Adam Affiliate (860) 545-9739 Pediatrics, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
Simon, David Affiliate Economics
Simon, Julia Graduate Student Affiliate Allied Health Sciences
Singer, Merrill Principal Investigator (860) 486-5833 Anthropology
Skolnik, Paul Affiliate (860) 679-7692 School of Medicine, UConn Health
Smith, Laramie Affiliate (858) 822-1462 School of Medicine, University of California San Diego
Snyder, Leslie Principal Investigator (860) 486-4383 Communication
Sobieraj, Diana M. Affiliate (860) 545-2429 Pharmacy Practice, UConn School of Pharmacy
Srinivasan, Narasimhan Affiliate (860) 486-2563 School of Business
Stanton, Megan Affiliate 917-670-2509 School of Social Policy and Practice
Stein, Michael Affiliate (401) 455-6646 Brown University
Stone, Melissa Admin Staff (860) 486-4529 CHIP
Strauts, Erin Graduate Student Affiliate Psychology
Suh, Hyungyu Graduate Student (860) 486-8976 Kinesiology
Sutter, Christine Research Staff CHIP
Swede, Helen Affiliate (860) 679-5568 Community Medicine and Health Care, UConn Health
Taaffe, Thomas Affiliate (413) 584-5483 Private Industry
Tan, Judy Affiliate (415) 597-8123 Medicine, University of California, San Francisco
Tarricone, Chris IT Director (860) 486-0997 CHIP
Taylor, Beth Affiliate (860) 768-4831 Health Sciences and Nursing
Telford, Jennifer Casavant Affiliate (860) 486-4975 Nursing and History
Tennen, Howard Affiliate (860) 679-5466 Community Medicine, School of Medicine, UConn Health
Thomas, Gwendolyn Affiliate (860) 882-9292 Yale University
Thompson, Paul Affiliate (860) 545-1793 Preventive Cardiology, UConn Health
Tikoo, Minakshi Affiliate (860) 679-5559 Community Medicine & Health Care, UConn Health
Trapp, Christine Affiliate 860-837-6700 University of CT Health Center; Attending physician at CT Children’s Medical Center – Division of Pediatric Endocrinology
Tuthill, Emily Graduate Student Affiliate Nursing
Vaddiraju, Sagar Affiliate 860-428-8816 UConn Technology Incubation Program
Van Hoof, Thomas Affiliate (860) 486-0575 School of Nursing
VanHeest, Jaci Affiliate (860) 486-5123 Educational Psychology & Kinesiology
Veksler, Alice Affiliate (757) 594-7461 Communication, Christopher Newport University
Volek, Ana Affiliate (860) 486-3077 Kinesiology & Extension
Volek, Jeff Affiliate Human Sciences Administration, Ohio State University
vom Eigen, Keith Affiliate (860) 714-2816 Internal Medicine, UConn Health
Vosburgh, Kayla Graduate Student Allied Health Sciences
Waggoner, Erin Graduate Student Affiliate Communication
Wagner, Julie Affiliate (860) 679-4508 Oral Health & Diagnostic Sciences, UConn Health
Wang, Fei Affiliate (860) 486-2122 Computer Science and Engineering
Wang, Zhu Affiliate (860) 837-6368 Research, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
Watt, James Affiliate (860) 477-0577 Communication
Weeks, Margaret Affiliate (860) 278-2044, X229 Institute for Community Research
Weinstock, Jeremiah Affiliate (314) 977-2137 Saint Louis University
Welles, Brandi Research Staff (860) 486-0278 Psychology
Werkmeister Rozas, Lisa Affiliate (860) 570-9175 School of Social Work
White, Ann Admin Staff (860) 486-9633 CHIP
White, C. Michael Principal Investigator (860) 341-6513 Pharmacy Practice
White, Denise Research Staff Psychology/Atlanta
Whittemore, Robin Affiliate (203) 737-2351 Yale University
Willen, Sarah Affiliate (860) 486-0076 Anthropology
Willis, Lesley Graduate Student Kinesiology
Windover, Melissa Research Staff CHIP
Winokur, Andrew Affiliate (860) 679-6771 Psychiatry
Wong, Alison Graduate Student Affiliate Human Development and Family Studies
Wu, Yin Graduate Student Affiliate Kinesiology
Xiao,Liping Graduate Student Affiliate (860) 679-3240 Psychiatry, UCHC
Yan, Jun Affiliate (860) 486-3416 Statistics
Young, Erin E. Affiliate 860-486-2852 School of Nursing
Zaleski, Amanda Graduate Student Kinesiology
Zempsky, William Affiliate (860) 837-5220 Pediatrics, CCMC
Zhang, Chaunrong (Cindy) Affiliate (860) 486-2610 Geography
Zhang, Yuping
Affiliate 860-486-4763 Statistics
Zhdanov, Dmitry Affiliate (860)486-1578 Business/OPIM
Zohren, Larissa Research Staff Psychology