Monday, November 30th, 2015

IT Support

Welcome to CHIP IT Support

CHIP IT’s mission is to provide specialized technical excellence and the core competencies to work closely and collaboratively with CHIP researchers to perform the type of IT-intensive, cutting-edge, health behavior and health behavior change research which is CHIP’s hallmark. The success of CHIP’s grants is heavily dependent on the availability of its IT staff, which has direct knowledge of health-related research and related methodologies, immediate access to the systems hosting and collecting data, a thorough understanding of the data collection process and underlying IT systems, and strong established relationships with CHIP’s subcontractors’ IT staffs. CHIP IT services, which are specialized and articulated to the Center’s focus on health behavior change, have made it possible for CHIP PIs to win very substantial external grants, which, in turn, have contributed markedly to the University’s reputation, and which have returned significant indirect costs to the University.

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