Friday, February 5th, 2016

Proposal Reviews

Pre-Submission Grant Reviews

CHIP affiliates at the University of Connecticut who are in the process of preparing grant proposals for submission through CHIP to external funding agencies may apply to CHIP for an internal review by one or more experienced CHIP investigators, or experts in the field the grant is in outside of CHIP, prior to submission of the grant. Applications to become a CHIP affiliate can be found at: .

If CHIP does not have expertise “in house,” you may suggest experts who could provide a helpful review (e.g., former members of an NIMH review panel). CHIP will pay an honorarium to them for their review. This provides investigators with the opportunity to have their proposal reviewed by CHIP investigators, or others with extensive experience in the field of focus in the grant, as well as successful grant writing and grant review experience.

In addition to reviews of content, CHIP will also arrange for reviews of statistics or methodology if deemed critical to the success of a grant proposal.

Guidelines for application to CHIP for internal review of proposals

  1. Individuals wishing to apply for internal review of an external grant proposal should contact the Director of CHIP by letter or email at least 2 months prior to the submission date for the external grant. This permits the Director time to select, notify, and obtain consent, as well time to obtain a review from qualified reviewers. Your letter should be accompanied by an abstract, and a brief description of the project that addresses the scope of the work, its anticipated contribution to the field, and its interest to a particular funding agency. The letter should also indicate key personnel and collaborators on the grant.
  2. Proposals being submitted to CHIP for external review should be more or less completely written and in the final format required by the funding agency prior to CHIP sending them out for external review. Grants for external review should be sent at least a month before the submission deadline so the reviewer’s comments can be incorporated into the final grant application.

Please include with your request the names and contact information of two internal reviewers at CHIP and two external reviewers (outside of CHIP) whose expertise would be highly relevant to review your proposal.

Please contact Jeff Fisher if you have questions regarding this opportunity at or by phone at 860-486-4940.