Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Fall 2012 Schedule

Unless otherwise specified, all lectures occur at 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. in the J. Ray Ryan Building (the same building as CHIP), Room 204. Please contact Stacey Leeds if you would like to attend.

Date Speaker Title / Topic Webstream Link
Aug 30, 2012 Kelly Brownell
Yale University
“Is There the Courage to Change the American Diet?” http://www.chip.uconn.edu/lecture-8-30-12
Sept 13, 2012 Mike Copenhaver
“Adapting Evidence-based interventions for Optimal Implementation with Drug Users” http://www.chip.uconn.edu/lecture-9-13-12
Sept 27, 2012 Audrey Pettifor
University of North Carolina
“Young Women & HIV Risk in sub-Saharan Africa: Moving beyond the individual to address structural drivers of the epidemic” http://www.chip.uconn.edu/lecture-9-27-12
Oct 18, 2012 Janice Krieger
Ohio State University
“The Role of Uncertainty and Social Networks in Medical Decision-making: Predicting uptake of the HPV vaccine” http://www.chip.uconn.edu/lecture-10-18-12
Oct 25, 2012 Stephen Ross, etc.
“New Research in Health Economics” http://www.chip.uconn.edu/lecture-10-25-12
Nov 8, 2012 Patrick Wilson
Columbia University
AIDS/HIV Risk Prevention among MSM

Postponed due to weather

Nov 29, 2012 Juan Salazar
UConn Health Center
“Venereal syphilis in Colombia: Where immune-biology sets the stage for the uncontrolled spread of the disease” http://www.chip.uconn.edu/lecture-11-29-12
Dec 6, 2012 Rigoberto Lopez
“Beverage Choice of U.S. Households: Determinants and Obesity Consequences” http://www.chip.uconn.edu/lecture-12-6-12