Saturday, November 28th, 2015

Complementary and Alternative Approaches to Medicine

CHIP’s work on complementary and alternative approaches to medicine includes the development of a translational tool that will allow researchers to explicitly describe and compare their yoga interventions as well as to implement appropriate control groups in clinical trials. The project is particularly significant because although evidence suggests yoga benefits both physical and mental health, researchers have yet to compare various styles of yoga and assess specific components — such as breathing, poses, or a teacher’s approach — to identify what works most effectively.

CHIP researchers are also exploring the linkage between religiousness/spirituality (R/S) and physical health. They will study the effects of several dimensions of R/S on biomarkers of cardiac functioning and mortality in congestive heart failure patients. While there is evidence that R/S can improve health, to date, little research has explored the physiological links though which this may occur.

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